Friday, September 25, 2009

Lovers in a Dangerous Time: Finally, a date night movie EVERYONE on the date can enjoy!

Guys - you know what I'm talkin' about.

Your girlfriend/wife says "Honey, let's get out of the house tonight.  There's a movie I'd really like to see!"... and before you know it, you're sitting through a heart-wrenching, harlequin monstrosity with 150 sobbing females.  It's painful, but you sit through it hoping the emotional roller-coaster will leave your date feeling "affectionate".  I may be a female myself, but I'm no stranger to this frustration.  I myself am not a fan of the "Rom Com" (romantic-comedy) but, regardless for my disdain of the genre, have been stuck sitting through many a chick flick with my girlfriends.  My tear-soaked, heart-broke girlfriends...  

Now, I'm not trying to insult all the men out there that enjoyed The Notebook.  You know who you are.  I'm simply offering an alternative for Date Night - one that will keep your attention, make you laugh, and impress your lady.

     Lovers in a Dangerous Time does in fact have a little something for everyone.  Instead of appealing to only one demographic *cough*AWalkToRemember*cough* - pardon me... - this movie is great for both guys and gals, of all ages.  It has a rekindling love affair for the ladies, and enough hockey references to make Don Cherry blush.

The story begins when Allison - played by May Charters -  a successful children's author in Toronto, heads home to Creston, B.C. for her 10-year high school reunion.  She runs into her best friend Todd - played by Mark Hug - who, dare I say, is the Canadian equivalent of Josh Hartnett *drool*.  (Mark Hug also wrote, directed, produced, and edited the movie.  Multitalented and hot?  I think so...  Sorry, I digress...)  Upon reuniting, the two friends begin to inescapably fan the spark of love that has been smoldering since graduation.  Pleased with where it is going, Allison decides to rent out her parent's old house, and stay in Creston for the summer.  All seems well, until we begin to learn that their relationship is more complicated than it seems...

Maybe at this point you're wondering, "OK, where's all the guy stuff?".  Hold your horses, I'm getting there.  Todd and his younger brother Bobby are both hockey players.  However, the context of their talents has yielded great jealousy between the two.  Todd plays local beer league, and Bobby plays in the NHL.  The sibling dynamic between the two brothers is ferocious, and is probably best illustrated by a drunken "branding" incident around a campfire.  
Love, hockey, beer, and houseboat parties; need I say more?  When it comes to Canadian cinema, this one's a gem.  Check this movie out, and don't be afraid to bring a date - or anyone for that matter - the plot is incredible universal.  Lovers in a Dangerous Time plays Saturday, September 26th (tomorrow) at the Eau Claire Cineplex on Screen #2 at 4:45PM.

PS:  I liked The Notebook, too.  There, I said it....