Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xavier Dolan does it again with Heartbeats

The end of the festival is drawing near and there are still many movies to be screened. In fact the very last film to be shown this year, is also one of the very best. Heartbeats, French-Canadian Director Xavier Dolan's second feature film, is much like his first effort, I killed my mother, in it's style, pacing, and overall aesthetic. That film, which was critically acclaimed the World over after it first screened at Cannes and received an eight minute standing ovation, saw Dolan burst onto the international scene with a fervour unseen in Canada for many years. He is undoubtedly a name to watch in the coming years, and at such a young age he is already being likened to some of the greatest in French and Italian cinema history.

Dolan writes, directs, and stars in all of his projects. They are also admittedly very personal in nature, based on direct life experiences. But it is not the stories that he tells that are new, it is how he does so. The film is slow paced and meditative, stylish, and cinematic. It is filled with eye candy from start to finish, but it also packs quite the emotional punch. Ultimately, his films are loved because they are beautiful to behold. While also relatable and quite funny too. Heartbeats itself follows the relationship between a man and a women, two friends that encounter a newcomer who they both fall for. The french title, "Les amours imaginaires", translates directly into "Imaginary Romances", and this is the gist of the film. As both characters become more infatuated with their subject, their friendship is tested, and the notions of passion, love, and human frailty are explored.

The film is excellent, and will only help to propel Xavier Dolan, and establish him as one of Canada's greatest exports as of late. It is also the last film of the festival, so come and enjoy one last movie. It won't disappoint.

Heartbeats plays tonight, October 2nd, at 9:30 at the Globe cinema.
Tickets are available online, at the festival centre in Eau Claire, and at the door.