Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some of the best of the festival still have screenings to come

We are partway through the final day of the festival and there are still many great films to come. There are two films from the Mavericks series screening today. SNOW & ASHES (4:30 at Globe) is the lone Canadian film in the series. It is a disorienting journey through the fragmented memories of a war correspondent. Although set in Eastern Europe, the film was shot entirely in Canada. There is an encore screening of R today (9:15 at the Plaza). Friday's screening was one of the most talked about of the past few days. This Danish film deserves a place amongst the great prison films of all time such as Midnight Express.
I did not see MYTH OF AN AMERICAN SLEEPOVER (4:45 at Plaza) but read great reviews of it out of Cannes and SXSW.
WHEN WE LEAVE (7:00 at Eau Claire) is the winner of the Best International Feature award at CIFF this year. This is its only screening of the festival so expect a large crowd ready to be blown away by an incredibly moving film. Another award winner will be crowned after the ALBERTA SPIRIT shorts program (7:00 at Globe). The best Albertan shorts of the year will be screened and then a winner chosen. I will not be at the screening but some of the filmmakers will be at the Marquee Room afterward and will try to find out what people thought there.
A film that I had overlooked but got great ratings at the screening Saturday was GABI ON THE ROOF IN JULY (9:00 at Eau Claire). Geetika wrote a strong piece on it here:
One of the best Canadian films of the festival, HEARTBEATS, has an encore tonight at 9:30 at Globe. One year after bursting onto the festival circuit with the multiple award-winning I KILLED MY MOTHER, Xavier Dolan returns with another highly personal story that has been garnering acclaim around the world.