Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alberta Spirt: A Celebration of Homegrown Talent

Over the past 11 years, the Calgary International Film Festival has been on the fast track of success, attracting filmmakers from the world over and granting thousands of Calgarians the opportunity to see a plethora of memorable independent films from across the globe. CIFF's international focus has been highlighted in recent years with the addition of the Mavericks International competition where ten global filmmakers have an opportunity to compete for the coveted Mavericks award.

All of these strides taken by the festival to establish itself as a world-class venue for foreign films have been met with tremendous success and I always look forward to seeing as many global films as I can throughout the 10 day extravaganza. However, perhaps the most admirable quality of the ever-growing success story that is CIFF, has been the festival's continued dedication to inspiring and promoting film on a national and grassroots level as well. If the caliber of the Canadian Film Series at this year's festival is any indication, Canada has established itself as a gold mine of filmmaking talent in it's own right. Tonight's Mavericks: Alberta Spirit competition is one that I have been eagerly anticipating throughout the festival, and is a prime illustration of the burgeoning talent Alberta is producing in her own backyard.

Beginning at 7pm tonight in the lower level of the Globe theater, 10 of Alberta's own up and coming filmmakers will have the opportunity to showcase their work, with films ranging in length from 3 - 16 minutes. The films cover a number of genres and styles ranging from animated to experimental, all shot in a variety of different mediums. From a post-apocalyptical world 100 years in the future, to the adventures of a rootless vagabond traveling exotic lands, there's certain to be something for everyone in this unique collection of short films. Whether you consider yourself to be a diehard film buff, or just proud to be Albertan, I encourage you to pick up a ticket to tonight's event, it's certain to be a packed house. Be sure to make a note of the names of the ten filmmakers participating tonight, as they all have established themselves as potential household names in the making.